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    pr**** | 19.08.15
  • Hello,

    I'm want to buy a R BAG 110 WAX CORDURA, is there any Europe based website where I could look for it, I'm having a hard time finding one…

    Could you please indicate some?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Mike, this is RAWROW.

    First of all, thank you for your inquiry & interest in our bags.

    Unfortunately the R BAG 110 is an old model of ours and is sold out in most Europe websites that used to carry them.
    According to Google Search, we can only find one seller, Sujooo, based in Switzerland.

    However since it is such a previous model, we encourage you to try SQUARE 2 WAY BAG 114 instead.
    It is a similar square-shaped backpack as R BAG 110, and made using the same material (Cordura)
    Also, it is on sale now for $50 on this website.
    Below is the buying link for 2 WAY BAG 114.

    Thank you! Have a nice day :)
    M D R
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