• R TRUNK : Common issues & questions
    RAWROW | 2019-04-02
  • 1. I lost the password on my TSA lock
    Once you set your lock, no one else will know how to get in your bag, including us.
    If you’ve lost your password, there is no way of resetting. You must try every combination one by one.

    2. The trolley/scale handle doesn't work
    - Trolley handle (TT Handle)
    If any external shock is applied while the trunk is loaded with heavy luggage, the trolley handle may bend and may not work smoothly.
    If your TT Handle is not functioning properly, please send us a Repair Request. Repairs may cost a small fee.

    - Scale handle (for R TRUNK FRAME)
    If the scale screen is broken, fixing is possible by replacing the scale. In that case, please send us a Repair Request. Repairs may cost a small fee.
    If the battery is dead, please click here to see how to exchange batteries in the scale handle.

    3. The suitcase body is damaged
    Send us a Repair Request using the template here. Please note that scratches or stains aren't covered by our warranty and cannot be repaired/replaced in any way.
    Shell damage is unrepairable, but if you are covered under the limited 1 year warranty, you will be contacted via email in regards to receiving compensation for the damage.
    If not covered under warranty, we recommend filing a claim against the airline for the damage, since most shell damage usually happens due to careless handling during baggage transfer.

    4. There’s a gap between the frame and shell(body).
    Due to the nature of hardside luggage, the assembly of the frame and shell is done manually by inserting the product into the mold, and a gap of about 2~5mm may occur.
    There is no problem with the durability due to the gap, so don't worry!

    5. Why does the inside zipper have no puller?
    The inside zipper is there to enable easy access to specific luggage parts in situations of repair.
    It has no puller so users wouldn’t open it easily and because there is a possibility the zipper might slide open.

    6. Can I use a trolley sleeve/suitcase attachment bag?
    You can 'hang' your secondary bag on the TT Handle, but unfortunately our handle is a bit wider than conventional trolley handles.
    Bags with a trolley sleeve function most likely wouldn't fit in the TT Handle, unless it's a Velcro sleeve. We recommend you hang your bags on the sides of TT Handle.
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