• How to keep products in good shape
    RAWROW | 2018-11-21
  • Using R WAX will keep your products in good shape after frequent use.

    R WAX is a fabric wax specially developed for RAWROW products.

    When waxed, the product color will deepen, attaining a vintage feel over time and water resistance will increase.

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    How to use R WAX

    1. Clean your bag or clothes before applying wax.

    2. Heat up the wax with a blow dryer.

    3. Apply melted wax to desired bag or clothing.

    4. Even out the coat of wax with blow dryer

    5. Let your bag or clothes dry overnight and enjoy!

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    Can I use R WAX on other products besides canvas bags?

    You may use R WAX to most products made of fabric such as clothes, shoes etc.

    But please be aware that color may change once wax is applied.

    *R WAX cannot be used on plastic or metal goods.

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