• I paid for shipping on my $250+ order
    RAWROW | 2019-12-24
  • We offer free shipping for orders over $250 as a member exclusive benefit.


    If you’re a member of the RAWROW website, ordered over $250, but paid for shipping while checkout, please follow the steps below to receive the free shipping benefit.


    1. Cancel the initial order

    Can be done on Mypage > Order history 


    2. Download the free shipping coupon Click to download


    3. Place the order again.

    R TRUNK :

    R BAG :


    4. During Checkout, find [Coupon Discounts], and click [Apply Coupons]


    5. Select your available coupon on the pop-up, then click Apply coupon.


    6. Check the total amount. The shipping price should’ve been deducted.


    7. Select payment method(PayPal/Credit card) and click PLACE ORDER to finalize your order.


    *If in need of visual guidance, please contact us at We will get back to you with guides.



    If you’re not a member, but ordered over $250, please join using the link below and proceed with above steps.


    Click to create an account at RAWROW and become a member (free of charge, no newsletters)

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